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As a user of share-a-fact I want the my shorter fact to stand out visually
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Why are we doing this?

The previous design of Share-a-fact utilized dynamic type to increase the size of text based on the string length. Although the design has been updated to break at two sizes (small and large), it would be nice for the large text to have a stronger presence and emphasis.


Short textLong text
03  Small image long text.png (291×512 px, 130 KB)
03 Image short text two line title.png (291×512 px, 89 KB)
  • Font on the small text is 14pt SF UI Text Regular
  • Font size on the large text is 18pt SF UI Text Medium

Event Timeline

@cmadeo the fonts I'm setting match the ticket (18 medium weight, 14 regular) - here's the output:

Pasted image at 2017_10_13 08_17 AM.png (582×1 px, 293 KB)

Pasted image at 2017_10_13 08_18 AM.png (582×1 px, 368 KB)

Do I have the size of the card (512x291) wrong?

@JoeWalsh you have the card size right, it might just be that something's getting lost in translation a bit from Sketch. Could we try the larger font at 20pt with a line height of at least 27pt?


Thanks for the update! Looks great!

IMG_543387154024-1.jpeg (582×1 px, 207 KB)

ABorbaWMF subscribed.

Looks good to me. Tested on a variety of devices on 5.7.0 (1247)