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Adjust appearing transition for the new translation dialog
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The new translation dialog (T111094) appears in-place on top of some of the current dashboard controls. There are some small details in the transition that we may want to adjust:

  • As they appear, some components seem to stretch. It would be preferred for components not to deform.
  • When closing the panel, the contents seem to move up first and then down as the panel is removed and the navigation controls appear again.

Options to explore:

  • Make the transition to move the contents down more gradual, and have the controls just to appear. This is what was illustrated in the original prototype.
  • If we want to make the elements appearing and disappearing more gradual, avoid stretching them by using motion and opacity transitions instead. For example, the search bar can move from a few pixels up to the final position as it transitions from transparent to opaque.

I can illustrate the transitions in more detail, but Id like to hear more about which are the technical possibilities and limitations we have in this case.