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Wikidata statement field doesn't autofocus when adding new statement
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Maybe it's a new UI/UX changes but correct me if I am wrong. Recently, I noticed that there has been a change in the UI/UX when adding new statements for a Wikidata Item entry.

Usually, when you click on "add statement", the cursor autofocuses on the property field and you can select a property from the dropdown or start typing a property and WD will automatically autocomplete and one selects from the list. This behavior hasn't change (so it's fine).

But after selecting the property, the autofocus has to change from the property field to the statement field for the user to add the statement matching the corresponding property but this doesn't happen anymore as the statement field doesn't autofocus and the user has to explicitly click on the statement field before typing in the statement (for WD to autocomplete etc). Is it that it's an intentional change? Or has some code caused this changed?

NOTE: After successfully adding a new statement, when trying to edit the statement, it autofocuses(in the statement field) as expected. So the issue is only when adding a new statement. Haven't tested for fresh new item, I have tested only for items with existing WD statements.