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Add and edit templates within templates
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I have already asked about this feature in Montreal, but I could not find any real discussion about this form of template use elsewhere on Phabricator. It has similarities with Balanced Templates.

The problem: Many times (at least on German WP), you will have to combine more templates to get to a certain result. In cases of potentially long tables (like episode lists or discographies) one will have a template for the table and another template for the single rows of the table.



Such cases are nearly impossible to deal with in VE atm, as only the enclosing template will be made editable via TemplateData. The main part of the table, the rows, have to be written into the small field for CONTENT using wikitext.

I think that TemplateData needs to recognise templates within templates and give editors a possibility to edit each of them separately, either by already distinguishing them in the editor or by introducing a new content type like "template(s)" which will offer a link to a second editing dialogue for the enclosed template. In any case, I would be happy to hear ideas and suggestions about this issue!

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