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Special pages not being updated on WMF wikis
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Author: russblau

On, the job that updates the Special:DoubleRedirects and Special:BrokenRedirects pages has not run since Sep 28 (it normally runs approx. once every 3 days). A spot check of some other wikis, including commons:, simple:, and nl:, indicates that this issue exists around Wikimedia, although the last jobs in some cases were run on Sep 30.

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fran wrote:

The cron job responsible for running maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php has likely stopped running somehow.

The new UDP logging went on September 30... it looks like /home/wikipedia/logs got rebuilt from scratch, and its permissions changed then so the regular processes couldn't write to it.

This meant that the logging of output from the special page batch runner couldn't open its file, which I believe would prevent the scripts from running in the first place.

I've re-created the specific log files needed with suitable permissions, which should clear it up. Reopen if they don't run as scheduled starting at 04:00 and 05:00 UTC (full specialpages update will I think only run once every 3 days, and I'm not sure offhand if it'll go today or not).

(Batch job runner docs at )

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bluegoblin wrote:

Hi Brion,

It's been 2 days now and they still haven't been updated. Should they have been?

It would be nice to have the pages done at simple, say once a week if possible?



russblau wrote:

Special pages updates appear to have run normally on 13 Oct, 16 Oct, and 19 Oct; I think this can safely be closed now. Thanks, Brion!