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Organize/ prepare content for an informational google hangout session for new Google Code-In mentors
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We plan to have a "Google Hangout" session this Friday December 1st at 17:00 UTC, and also an IRC session on Monday December 4th at 18:00 UTC in #wikimedia-devrel on Freenode. Mentors will receive an invitation email.

Pasting Etherpad content of Friday's Hangout here, as Etherpad data might go away at some point:

New GCI Wikimedia Mentors 2017 Q&A

2017-12-01: Google Hangout at 17:00 UTC
2017-12-04:  #wikimedia-devrel on Freenode IRC at 18:00 UTC

* General info: and email "Google Code-in Wikimedia Mentor info | Please read! (~4min)" from 2017-11-28
* We also collecting "Feedback and Lessons learned" for Wikimedia in GCI on

Meeting notes:
    Andre Klapper
Comments by Andre:
* Please take notes if students go beyond what was expected or produced something extra - that helps orgs to award top 5
** Perhaps a shared Google doc to keep these comments?
* Publishing tasks - if you want a specific student to pick up the task, for example, you need to ping an admin to get the task published - looking at ways of making an admin easily available: mailing list
* How can we provide more advanced tasks towards the end of the GCI? Ideas welcome.

Q & A:

* Rex: interested in Lua / Scribunto extension in MediaWIki software. Could ask students to write modules. - on-wiki review of modules in Sandbox; Scribunto would be in Gerrit; we have tasks for setting up the environment development
* Tony: Thinking of creating tasks for unit tests for Newsletter extension - maybe Reedy could review an example?
** Reedy: Depends on how much the code is testable
* Reedy: Send reminder a week before Christmas that we will need more tasks, more activity over those holidays
* IRC #wikimedia-dev on Freenode - need to get students used to IRC - wm-d is noisy, better than sending them to a "dead" chan
* Derrick: Specific channel for GCI?
** Andre: pros and cons
** Rex: Cannot look up previous questions on IRC, mailing list better - actually best place for Q & A is on-wiki, as anybody can help out
** Tony: Answers should happen in #wikimedia-dev
* IRC for newcomers -
* Sonali (Outreachy student): not able to use all facilities - if she is comfortable mentoring 
** Andre: Feel free to add yourself as mentors to existing tasks, feel free to create new tasks or find any tasks, e.g. under #easy in WM Phabricator
* Rex: Going through the process to fix a Lua template in GCI? - Break down "real" tasks like convert Wikipedia template int Lua module into much simpler steps so that they will learn Lua/modules/etc. in earlier tasks first.
** Andre: You can have a "simple" beginner task for Lua, and then a "real" one which lists the requirement to have worked on that beginner task first.
* Derick: Mentors to look at tasks of last years that did not get solved?
** Andre: Good idea, exists but we do not actively contact last year's mentors whose tasks did not get resolved in GCI and we should. Added to 

Another session next Monday on Freenode IRC in #wikimedia-devrel - 18:00 UTC
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