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Submit All Hands approval sheet to travel
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Get all the managers to fill in the shaded areas of the approval sheet:

Once complete for all non-DevSummit applicants, copy the data into the locked (official) version of the sheet, get Victoria to approve, and alert travel.

Event Timeline

I believe all teams are complete except ops, who I pinged today with a request for them to have it filled in by the end of the week.

I have passed this task to Victoria to update the sheet that I don't have permissions in, and to add her approvals. When I get that back, I will forward to travel, with a note mentioning that TechOps details are not available yet.

I pinged travel to find out if it is worth us wrapping up and submitting the pre-DS approvals, or if we should just wait and submit everyone after the DS attendance is finalized.

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Resolving as per Kevin's note.