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"Copy information to all following" should be available for all pictures, not just the first
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When people upload dozens of pictures, they are not in random order: The topic (and thus title/categories) moves slowly from one topic/place to another.

Example after walking along the Seine river: 3 pictures of Notre Dame, then 4 pictures of Louvre, then 5 pictures of Eiffel Tower.

Ideally I would upload these 12 pictures like this in Upload Wizard:

  1. For the first picture, enter title "View of Notre Dame while walking along the Seine", and categories "Notre Dame" and "Seine".
  2. Press "Copy information to all following".
  3. For the fourth picture, change "Notre Dame" to "Louvre" in the title, remove the "Notre Dame" category, add the "Louvre" category.
  4. Press "Copy information to all following".
  5. For the eighth picture, change "Louvre" to "Eiffel Tower" in the title, remove the "Louvre" category, add the "Eiffel Tower" category.
  6. Press "Copy information to all following", and you're done.

That's 7 typing operations to perform. Currently, to achieve the same with the Upload Wizard I have to perform 21 typing operations.

Both Vicuña and the Android Commons app have this feature. The Upload Wizard should have it too. Thanks!