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Notification signaled but when clicking on it there is no notification
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  1. Create an account on Commons
  2. Use it for a while on Commons
  3. For the first time go to the French Wikipedia
  4. See the blue notification, click on it
  5. Get this page saying that there is no notification:

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@Nicolas_Raoul When you first log in to French wikipedia, and go to Special:Notifications page there - you won't have any notifications under 'Unread' tab. The left panel on Special:Notifications page shows only unread notifications. If you do not have unread notifications in other wikis - other wikis won't be displayed there at all.

@Etonkovidova A notification appeared, I clicked on it and it lead me to a page saying "There is nothing".

Thx, @Nicolas_Raoul The issue is rather tricky to reproduce since it involves user session expiring in one of the visited wikis. The issue will be evaluated on the next bug triage meeting.

@Nicolas_Raoul Which account did you see this with? Your account on frwiki has been active since 2005, but step 3 suggests that you were using an account that had never been to frwiki before. Also, does the issue still happen for you with that account?

@Nicolas_Raoul: Can you please answer the last question? Thanks.

It was for another account, newly created.

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