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Replace LonelyPages, WithoutInterwiki with PagesWithLeast...
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Author: naught101

Please replace Special:LonelyPages with Special:LeastLinked - different to Most linked in that it shouldn't include empty pages.

Also replace Special:WithoutInterwiki with Special:LeastInterwiki

On both of the new pages, include the number of links in parentheses after the link.

Both of these changes would have no negative impact, as articles with zero links would still appear at the top.

It might be worth doing this for Special:UncategorizedXYZ, Special:UnusedXYZ, and Special:UnwatchesXYZ

This format already exists for Special:FewestRevisions


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Hi naught101! Sorry that nobody has taken a look at this report yet and given feedback.

What would be the usecases for this, and how common are they? Could you please elaborate?