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Activate local Upload menu for common users in jvwiki
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Based on the vote here, the community in the Javanese Wikipedia agrees to activate local Upload menu for common users.

Currently, common users cannot access this page. The Upload menu (on the left-menu) in jvwiki leads to Wikimedia Commons. For the purpose of local uploads, only administrators can do the actions (it is good, but can become burdens when the upload requests are too many).

Since the need for local uploads is increasing from common users, we vote for the activation of the menu, so users can upload by themselves and administrators will be responsible in tackling copy-right violations (if any).

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Change 385359 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jayprakash12345; owner: Jayprakash12345):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Enable local Upload in jvwiki

This can't happen without an approved and reviewed exemption doctrine policy and a image use policy, as per Board resolution on licensing. Does jvwiki have such policies? Otherwise this will just allow uploading copyright infringements.

Could you please explain an exemption doctrine policy and a image use policy?

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Change 385359 abandoned by Jayprakash12345:
Enable local Upload in jvwiki

No EDP/IUP apparently.

Image use policy means that you need a policy explaining what kind of uploads are allowed and which aren't. Copyright is a particular concern in thar regard.

An exemption doctrine policy means that if you want to allow the upload of non-free images, you need to set up criteria about when such images can be used.

Patch is currently abandoned, and until now we haven't seen policies on jvwiki.

Unfortunately closing this Phabricator task as no EDP/IUP has been provided for the last years.

@cahyo.ramadhani: After you have provided a link to EDP/IUP and if this is still wanted, please set the status of this task back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown. Thanks!