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Deploy InternetArchiveBot on the Azerbaijani Wikipedia (azwiki)
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The community consensus can be found here. Thanks.

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@Superyetkin Thanks for your patience. Do you think you could gather a couple of translators so we can get IABot prepped for approval? We need to configure the bot's setup for this wiki.

I need the bot approvals page to get the approvals process going.

With that being said can you answer the following questions and translate the following statements?

To translate:

  • External links modified ({{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}})
  • Hello fellow editors,\n\nI have just modified {linksrescued} external links on [[{namespacepage}]]. Please take a moment to review [{diff} my edit]. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit [[:m:InternetArchiveBot/FAQ|this simple FaQ]] for additional information. I made the following changes:\n{modifiedlinks}\nPlease refer to the FaQ for information on correcting errors with the bot.\n\nCheers.
  • External links found that need fixing ({{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}})
  • Hello fellow editors,\n\nI have found one or more external links on [[{namespacepage}]] that are in need of attention. Please take a moment to review the links I found and correct them on the article if necessary. I found the following problems:\n{modifiedlinks}\nWhen you have finished making the appropriate changes, please visit [[:m:InternetArchiveBot/FAQ|this simple FaQ]] for additional information to fix any issues with the URLs mentioned above.\n\nThis notice will only be made once for these URLs.\n\nCheers.
  • Trouble archiving links on the article ({{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}})
  • Hello. During the archive process, the archive returned errors for one or more sites that I submitted for archiving.\nBelow, I have included the links that returned with an error and the following error message.\n\n{problematiclinks}\nIn any event this will be the only notification in regards to these links, and no further attempt will be made to archive the links.\n\nCheers.
  • {link} is found to be dead. Recommend adding {newarchive} to the original URL.
  • {link} is found to be dead. No archive was found.
  • {link} is considered to be dead, however has been found to be alive. Recommend removing the dead flag from the URL.
  • Added archive {newarchive} to {link}
  • Replaced archive link {oldarchive} with {newarchive} on {link}
  • Corrected formatting/usage for {link}
  • Added {{tlx|dead link}} tag to {link}
  • Removed dead tag from {link}
  • Modified source for {link}
  • {problem} with error {error}
  • Rescuing {linksrescued} sources and tagging {linkstagged} as dead.
  • Notification of errors encountered when attempting to archive links
  • Notification of altered sources needing review


  1. Do you want talk page messages?
  2. Do you use dead link templates and archive templates?
  3. Where are your cite templates?
  4. What is the typical formatting you use for time on Wikipedia and what other formats do you use, even the least popular ones?
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Don't see what is needed about Wikimedia-Site-requests