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Add Support for PHP 7.1 to Toolforge
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PHP 7.1 was released in December of 2016 and it is still unsupported on Toolforge.

There are now many frameworks and libraries that require at least support for PHP 7.0 and new libraries that only support PHP 7.1 (with plans to only support the latest version).

There is an "official" docker image for PHP 7.1 (as well as 7.0, etc.) that is maintained by the Docker community:

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This would require one of:

  • Adding Docker containers which install PHP from a source other than the Wikimedia Foundation apt servers
  • Adding Docker containers based on Debian Buster
  • Making arbitrary Docker containers work with webservice --backend=kubernetes

I'm not even sure I want to contemplate what it would take to provide PHP 7.1 on the bastions and Grid Engine nodes.

  • Making arbitrary Docker containers work with webservice --backend=kubernetes

That would be my preference, so we are able to use whatever version/extensions, etc. that suit our needs in a sandboxed environment.

Based on the current practice of building on top of Debian, I don't think PHP 7.1 in Toolforge will ever happen. Debian Stretch shipped with PHP 7.0 (I filed T195689 for that), and Debian Buster looks like it's going to ship with PHP 7.2 (T188318), so 7.1 will probably get skipped over.

That's fine with me, this task would be closed in favor of T188318: Support PHP 7.2 webservices on Toolforge Kubernetes cluster. I think, however, there is a case to be made that it should not be built on top of Debian and instead be build on top of the official repositories, but perhaps that is outside of scope.

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Per T178850#4234317, let's focus on T188318 instead.