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[FR Analytics]: Overhaul /srv/br
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This directory is involved with the Kafka pipeline which needs an overarching rework, along with the stuff that feeds the pgehres database. I hope that if I become educated about what is going on there a more direct solution(s) will present itself, as it seems like analytics have a lot of tools at their disposal.

Also basic things like version control (I think some or all of it may be here: and a deploy script (that repo gets put in /srv/tools but I don't see reference to /srv/br, don't know what the relationship is there)

@Ejegg @CCogdill_WMF @Pcoombe - can anyone tell me, is the stuff in this dir the main source of queries to the pgehres db? If not what else? And what other dbs does /srv/br query? Thanks in advance :)

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I don't have a great answer to your question, only that I basically only run a version of the same query when in this folder:

./ecom -s 20170701000000 -e 20171031000000 --substring=spXXXX -g b --raw

(./ecom -s 20170701000000 -e 20171031000000 --substring=spXXXX -g b --raw --sql to get the sql, doesn't look like it uses pgehres at all).

Here's a sample banner query:

./statler B1718_1009_frFR_dsk_p1_lg_frm -s 2017-10-09

I'm not sure if they use other ones. That's all I've got!

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