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Looking at different Diffs
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Trevor research, screenshot, and audit how diffs are displayed in different ways for our wireframes for the Interaction Timeline

Event Timeline

TBolliger closed this task as Resolved.Oct 26 2017, 9:44 PM
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@TBolliger amazing! digging into this now.

@TBolliger after some initial wires, I've decided to not use the Visual Diff that's not even in Beta. We're not sure of it's delivery and I don't want to confuse users, and also it wouldn't even make it into our MVP right now.

Hi all!
Here are updated wires that have incorporated Community feedback. For example, we've reduced the white space in all of the wires. Two of the wires are variations of the same one, one without a gray background and less divisions between dates and one with the gray background and boxes to show the difference between dates.

We've also included samples of what different kinds of styled diffs could look like. Please leave your feedback!