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Add case-insensitive title match capability for Wikidata search
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For wikidata, we need to match ID (like Q42) in case-insensitive manner (q42 should match) while still keeping the exact match. As far as I can see, current fields do not provide a good way to do it. Maybe we should add a field for title? Or use some special syntax? T179045 presents workaround for the problem (uppercasing search string) but this is a hack, not a proper long-term solution.

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I wonder if title.prefix_asciifolding wouldn't work for this use case? @dcausse, what do you think?
Asciifolding does a bit more than we need but I don't think it would do any harm in this use case...

@Smalyshev yes I'm pretty sure it'll work without annoyance. The only possible annoyance I could think about is because ℚ will be folded to Q but since it's not a prefix match it's probably not a big deal...

Sorry I misread your comment,
It should be title.near_match_asciifolding not title.prefix_asciifolding, the latter will allow finding Q423213 when typing q42 so that is not what the task description says.

because ℚ will be folded to Q

Don't think this is a huge deal... If it proves to be, then we can reopen.

title.near_match_asciifolding not title.prefix_asciifolding

Ah, sure. But then I think there's nothing more left to do here.

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