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VisualEditor hangs on "switching to source view" if got 503 error from API, cannot return to visual editor
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Saw while editing in VE in Chrome; while switching from visual to source editor, got an error popup generic "http" error. Looking at console, see:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 ()

After closing the in-VE popup about the error, the "Switching to source editing…" popup is still sitting there, with progress indicator moving along. Everything remains grayed out in the UI, and there's no way to recover my edits that I can see.

If a transitory error happens during the switchover, it should abort cleanly back to the view I was on before.

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brion created this task.Oct 26 2017, 8:44 PM
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brion added a comment.Oct 26 2017, 8:46 PM

Aha, actually "escape" key closes the dialog and appears to return me to the editor. Not discoverable visually.

brion added a comment.Oct 26 2017, 8:47 PM

Exact error dialog is "Error loading data from server: http."

Checking the POST return on the API request:

Request from 2601:1c0:5201:b82:15f1:e2ea:e8ee:1f99 via cp1053 cp1053, Varnish XID 829916032
Error: 503, Backend fetch failed at Thu, 26 Oct 2017 20:46:25 GMT

This is basically a duplicate of T179119. Although that task was filed first, this task contains far more useful information than the other one, so I'll merge that one into this.

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