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Graphs and Charts issues on Sepia and Dark modes
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Found on 5.7.0 (1247)


  1. Load an article with graphs and/or charts (I used PepsiCo and Wikipedia:Graphs and charts)
  2. View the table or graph
  3. Change to Dark or Sepia modes

Expected result:
The colors and objects within the tables or graphs remain visible

Actual Result:
The colors and objects disappear

PepsiCo DefaultDarkSepia

Graphs anc charts Default|Dark|Sepia|

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Unassigning myself and moving this to Blocked or Waiting as @Fjalapeno advised we hold off on implementing the only semi-reliable solution to investigate Parsoid output first and perhaps use that in a new service.

Created a subtask for a spike.

Screenshots of some of the complexity we may have to wrangle in our theming if we're not able to get graphs/charts css classes we can more easily target:

The issues in the screenshots crop up because our current options for identifying graphs/chart elements to be excluded from theming are too broad and end up mis-identifying other non graph/chart elements too.

Testing on iPhone 7 (iOS 11.0.2) - Wikipedia app 5.8.0 (1264). As the screencaps show below this is still broken, such as that colors in pie charts and brick charts are still not showing in Sepia and Dark modes.

The cases caught by Nicholas are the ones we decided not to fix due to lack of reliable tags.