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Special:Contributions/newbies should go to RC filters to provide more options
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Special:Contributions/newbies is used to watch contributions from newcomers. It goes to Special:Contributions?contribs=newbie. This is the equivalent of Special:RecentChanges?userExpLevel=newcomer

  • For users who have RC filters, Special:Contributions/newbies should go to Special:RecentChanges?userExpLevel=newcomer to give more filtering options to users. It increases consistency, because filtering changes done by a group of people is clearly under RecentChanges scope instead of Contributions, which lists all edits done by one user.
  • For users who have opted-out RC filters, Special:Contributions/newbies should go to Special:Contributions?contribs=newbie as usual.

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jmatazzoni subscribed.

The Triage team says that the problem here is that adding the New Filters UX to the Contributors page is more work than it appears. It looks similar, but the back end is different. Also, users can use the Newcomers on RC page.

Also, users can use the Newcomers on RC page.

Also, the Newcomers filter will show all edits from newbies, not Special:Contributions/newbies.

Special:Contributions/newbie has been removed;

That doesn't make the feature request invalid. The official reason for the removal is that the feature is now provided by Special:RecentChanges, so the request could be redirected there.