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consider special scenarios for interlanguage links on the main page
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Main pages of some projects have special configurations of interlanguage links on the main pages. Among them French Wikipedia, German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, and probably others. In particular, if a project limits the number of interlanguage links on the main page, then applying CLL on it creates a misleading result.

This task is for investigating whether Compact Language Links could be optimized for this use case. There are no particular suggestions at the moment, only a design and research task.

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Keeping high priority despite the recent deployment.

Making the main pages consistent and useful to all is important, so it's among the higher-priority issues for the Compact Language Links project.

One possible solution can be to have locally-set links on page without {{noexternallanglinks}} tag (so communities could decide this on their own) to act like a ‘Recommended’ list that would always be displayed in the sidebar with ULS and prioritised in mobile version. Don’t know whether that would be good enough (since it might be abused on non-Main page pages).

(Disclosure: I am coordinating improvements to the main page in Russian Wikipedia and I would’ve liked if mobile users had some access to full interwiki list on the main page without removing custom list for users on desktop. Right now Russian Wikipedia uses a custom list to show interwikis on the main page and it causes the page to show only 40 links in interwiki list on mobile instead of 300.)

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