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Allow multiple, sequential, per-page reviewers
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Hi all,

We're trying to use FlaggedRevs for managing page revision approvals in our management system. One of the requirements of this system is that several reviewers have to accept new page versions before they are accepted as the stable version. Different pages have different people responsible for approving them: e.g. different experts and different managers, each with their expertise and responsibilities.

The workflow we have in mind would look like this:

  1. A page is created.
  2. A template is inserted into the page. This template defines a number of different reviewers who all have to review the page before it is accepted. E.g. reviewer A, reviewer B, reviewer C.
  3. A user changes the page. After submitting his (non-trivial) edit, reviewer A receives a notification (by e-mail) of the edit requesting him to review the page.
  4. If reviewer A approves the edit, reviewer B is notified.
  5. If reviewer B approves the edit, reviewer C is notified.
  6. If reviewer C approves the edit, the page is accepted as the next stable version.

Could/should this feature be added to FlaggedRevs,
or would it make more sense to write an additional extension that communicates with FlaggedRevs,
or should we write an entirely new extension?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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