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PagesWithoutScans not taking account of __DISAMBIG__
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At least on the Breton Wikisource, the special page PagesWithoutScans ( ) doesn't take the magicword __DISAMBIG__ into account.
There should be only 17 pages for there is 176 pages right now (the 17 pages + 159 disambiguation pages)


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from enWS perspective, couldn't tell you, we well hit the 5000 limit well before disambiguation pages

On vec.wikisource, which has a small number of pages, PagesWithoutScans correctly doesn't show disambiguation pages.
So this seems to be more of a configuration problem.
The special page tries to exclude disambig pages, first by looking into Mediawiki:Proofreadpage-disambiguationspage, which should contain the pagename of the disambiguation template (only one); if this is not found, it looks into Mediawiki:Disambiguationspage, which should contain a list of all disambiguation templates.
On br.source, the first one points to a non-existing template, the second is empty.
Can you try to set either one of these two messages and see if this solves the problem?

Candalua claimed this task.

Closing at resolved, as it was a configuration issue related to br.source only, and it seems to have been solved.