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Delete 24gb worth of unused files owned by tool.theoslittlebot
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There's currently about 24gb of unused photos in /data/project/theoslittlebot/cgi-bin/theobot/NonFreeImageResizer. It is an inactive task that had issues with it deleting files, and thus the script crashed and stopped working on enwiki entirely with Theopolisme (the maintainer) becoming inactive.

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DatGuy created this task.Oct 27 2017, 1:38 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptOct 27 2017, 1:38 PM

Can someone from the Toolforge-standards-committee verify that Theopolisme is inactive? This tool account has no other maintainers and is running quite a few jobs from cron. It would be good to either have someone take it over or to shut it down entirely.

bd808 renamed this task from Delete 24gb worth of unused files to Delete 24gb worth of unused files owned by tool.theoslittlebot.Oct 27 2017, 5:54 PM

Theopolisme has been editing Enwiki recently, per
The bot Theo's_Little_Bot was last active 3 weeks ago (contribs) and according to the table on the userpage it should have 7 approved/active tasks.

@Theopolisme Hi! Please could you:

  • Take a look at resolving the main issue above
  • Ask for additional bot-operators to join you in ongoing maintenance (it's always good to have backup people!)

Thanks. :-)

The files have been cleaned up:

$ ssh labstore1004.eqiad.wmnet
$ cd /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/theoslittlebot/cgi-bin/theobot/NonFreeImageResizer
$ sudo rm *.jpg
$ sudo rm *.png
$ sudo rm *.ogv
$ sudo rm *.xcf
$ sudo rm *.tiff
$ sudo rm *.jpeg
$ sudo rm *.wav
$ sudo rm *.JPG
$ sudo rm *.PNG

By the way Quiddity, my bot is currently doing Theo's task, after a small discussion we had via email.

Legoktm added a subscriber: Legoktm.Nov 2 2017, 5:55 PM

I sent Theo an email pointing him to this task. I'm guessing he isn't checking his Wikimedia email.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It looks like my Wikimedia email indeed had stopped forwarding properly.

@DatGuy, am I correct in my understanding that the theoslittlebot task should just be disabled entirely, then? This can be accomplished via the on-wiki shutoff page.

In all honesty this was the first script I ever wrote so I'd rather not have to dive back into those weeds if it isn't necessary 😳

Thanks & my apologies!

@Theopolisme I was pretty inactive, but am slowly returning. There were a few issues when I was inactive that are fixed now, but during a few days downtime your bot was running. As of now I believe it's disabled.

I think this task is resolved now? Afaict the cleanup was done (per T179183#3716725 above), and the original bot no longer needs a new maintainer (because it has been turned off or is just inactive, per contribs).