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Convert MediaWiki templates on Commons to make them translateable
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Task could be doing 5, 10, 20, templates as different tasks.

Sample Description:
For this task, you will be marking at least 5 templates for translation and importing their current translations.

You will be converting templates on to use the new /i18n subpage so that they are translatable with MediaWiki's Translate extension, which greatly improves translation workflow hence making coverage of translated docs vastly broader. You will also be importing the current translations into the new respective i18n subpage. However, you must not add new translations yourself, that's forbidden by the GCI rules.

Please read the following before getting started:

Mentor: @jayvdb , @MtDu

Event Timeline

@Nemo_bis and @Nikerabbit , what are the templates that are more important and should be considered for conversion as higher priority?

I'm afraid I don't know much about templates used in Commons.

I'd love to see this task in Google-Code-in-2017 but I think we need to tell contributors how to find a list of templates, to choose from?
Anyone able / willing to provide that?

Well, the root category for Commons templates is at

Are you looking for a manually complied list of templates, or should we be expecting the students to look through the subcategories of that page to find templates themselves?

I think both could be fine, however I simply would not know how to identify templates in need of being marked as translatable. That should be covered in the task description. Plus...who could mentor this? :-/

Nemo_bis renamed this task from Convert MediaWiki Templates on Commons to make them Translateable to Convert MediaWiki templates on Commons to make them translateable.Dec 29 2017, 10:32 AM
Nemo_bis added a project: Commons.

Thank you. Now we'd just need a mentor for Google-Code-in-2017 here, I think. :)

I've added myself and @MtDu as mentors.

Closing this task as it was a placeholder in Phab for Google-Code-in-2017 which is ending these days (no more new tasks can be claimed from now on in GCI 2017).