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Migrate copypatrol & plagiabot to use tools.labsdb
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Currently s51306__copyright_p database is on enwiki.labsdb. The database is used by:

  1. eranbot tool (running plagiabot) - writes suspected copyright violations to copyright_diffs
  2. copypatrol tool - read suspected copyright violations. (Possibly maintains wikiprojects table?)


  • it will not be allowed to have user tables there by December. (see parent task)
  • There is no real use of being on labsdb.enwiki rather than any other DB host, except that it is useful for ad-hock analytics.


  • Copy s51306__copyright_p from enwiki.labsdb to tools.labsdb (data is up to Oct 28 07:00)
  • make sure both tools (eranbot and copypatrol) have access to this DB. (may require DBA, see T134392 for request on the current DB)


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I replicated the DB and granted full access to both eranbot and copypatrol.

It is OK from my side (eranbot) to go on with migration.
@Niharika - Is it OK to migrate CopyPatrol? can you please confirm all the required changes are the .env? and maybe the of CopyPatrol?

I can handle them both so both services will migrate almost the same time.

@eranroz Can you tell me what changes might be required for the env? Here's what I have in it right now -


I think we need to re-introduce separate credentials for the copyright database and the replicas. I've made a PR at

the database s51306__copyright_p was vanished from host enwiki.labsdb following the redirect (
At least there is backup (synced to 28/10) in tools.labsdb - I'm changing the service to write there instead of enwiki.labsdb.
looks like env already use the new host

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ehehe, my client script was broken due to this task :D