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Add ZBW SPARQL endpoints to list of allowed external databases in WDQS
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Please add

to the list of allowed endpoint for federated queries.

Responsible for the endpoints is

ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

My email contact is

At most times, it is possible to do federated queries the other way round, but that involves obtaining, e.g., all items with GND IDs in the first step from WDQS and then joining with a small custom set. Calling from within WDQS would lower load and speed up queries.

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The licensing situation seems unclear for some of these databases. I only found this page, which only documents two of these endpoints.

Do you have any more information for us?

OK, I did not think about licenses - sorry!

  • /gnd/ is just the dump of the CC0 set provided at I did not include additional data.
  • /repec/ are the authors and organization from Their statement at is, well, not completely clear in terms of licensing.
  • /ebds/ is a dataset by ZBW and other data providers which is to be pulished in the future. However, the licensing conditions are not yet defined.

So, when it's necessary to include only properyl licensed data, probably best is to skip /repec/ and /ebds/ for now. Most important currently is /stw/, which I want to use to create examples like this one representing a STW/Wikidata mapping. Would STW's ODbL license prohibit that?

I think @Smalyshev is the final authority on that, I just wanted to get started with some information that AFAIK he’ll need anyways :)

The page for nominating endpoints is here:
It'd be nice to have licensing and documentation pages for each (more than one can have the same docs/license of course).

Jneubert claimed this task.

Thanks - I've moved the requests to and added two endpoints with derived datasets from GND