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Nostalgia has a trailing | in link lines which perhaps should not be there
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Author: nsk

The Nostalgia skin has a trailing "|" character at the end of its top links and bottom links lines. Is this necessary? I consider it a bug. At least another one person considers it a bug too (bug number #15868).

I suggest its removal.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

After inspecting the source code, I found that the separator was meant to separate the special pages dropdown, which was meant to display inline, but didn't because of a bug. I made the special page dropdown inline as was intended, which makes the separator meaningful and also might save screen real estate.

Fixed in r41940.

nsk wrote:

Great fix, thanks for committing! The fix is very useful as it helps to save screen real estate. I immediatelly put your fix to good use as I grabbed it from the svn for my production wikis (adventrurously running on HEAD).

Would it be possible that a similar bug may exist with the search box? (which I suggested being moved up for a diferent reason, see bug # 15902).