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CologneBlue.php may need code modernisation
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Author: nsk

In bug # 15868 there is a comment about code imperfections which, although about a patch, in fact may also apply in CologneBlue.php, therefore the skin code may be in need of code modernisation.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement



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karun.84 wrote:

Patch reusing code from nostalgia

Ive modernised it based on the content of bug # 15868, and reused the code from r43182 from Nostalgia.


What this patch does is to replace to the top links:

  • Main Page | About | Help | FAQ | Special pages | Log out (or Log in)


  • Main Page | Recent changes | Edit this page | Userpage | User talk |

Watchlist | My contributions | Preferences | Logout

All of the above links are already available from the left-hand side
sidebar, we don't need to copy Monobook here.

Second thing this patch does is to replace collecting of menu items
in an array and then joining them with a separator with plain string
concatenation. Personally I prefer the functional style of the original