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FlaggedRev's over-ride of the submit button's label via the EditPageBeforeEditButtons PHP hook doesn't work for any other code (mobile apps, mobile Web, VisualEditor, 2017 Wikitext Editor, …)
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FlaggedRevs switches out publishpage/publishchanges (or save… equivalents) with revreview-submitedit. It does this through the EditPageBeforeEditButtons hook, with the changeSaveButton method in FlaggablePageView that has a lot of fragile, ugly hackery to just replace two configured message keys.

Can we "just" sub-class EditPage, replace getSubmitButtonLabel (to do this more neatly), and provide it out as an API for client editors somehow?

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@matmarex / @Legoktm – either of you have ideas? I'm not sure what the best way forward would be.

Change 387348 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester; owner: Jforrester):
[mediawiki/extensions/FlaggedRevs@master] FlaggablePageView::changeSaveButton: Use OOUI methods to over-write

Subclassing EditPage is probably a bad idea in this case, as it will break everything else that needs to override EditPage (c.f. TwoColConflict). We should probably provide a hook to override getSubmitButtonLabel().

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Change 387348 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/FlaggedRevs@master] FlaggablePageView::changeSaveButton: Use OOUI methods to over-write

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OK, so now everything is as before for users, but the code is a bit better. It's still going through the EditPageBeforeEditButtons hook, so still inaccessible through the API. Ideas?

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