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Clever way to have 10 links instead of 100-1000 without any serious work
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Sometimes we need to save screen space (like in navboxes or mobile) and for this we need to avoid or hide unnecessary elements (at least temporary).

To address T124168#1952449 and T124168#3716544 we should have responsive ul/li lists

This can be seen as part of T179598 (T124168).

Event Timeline

One solution is to use flexbox again: we start with 1 item and stop when they wrap.

Optionally we should support score html attributes and only show most valued <li> elements.

We have a question then: how to access missing items?

Possible markup: ... <li></li> ... <li></li> <li></li> ... where each ... is an active GUI element (like hovercard?) with "hidden" elements

I don't understand the task summary by just reading it, probably because I miss context. "10 links" where? Why? For what?
Also, please associate at least one project with this task to allow others to find this task when searching in the corresponding project(s). Is this MediaWiki-General and Mobile ?

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This is best discussed on wiki at their talk page . Very few template editors are on phabricator.

Thank you for the enthusiasm!

@Jdlrobson I think that CSS/JS should be part of Mediawiki (core style or some base style)

Mediawiki is rather old fashioned about multi-resolution CSS or arbitrary width layouts.

I don't think it should be specific to templates or to one specific wiki.

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hello @D1gggg I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what this task and other related tasks are about.
Are you asking for something specific in the software? If so what?
Are you asking for a new template on wiki? If so, what's stopping you from doing that?
Is there any examples you can give to help explain your proposal a little more?

Typically, any change like this starts with editors on wikis in the Template namespace. Templates can add their own styles using Extension:TemplateStyles.
Make a template, get it adopted, prove its worthwhile to be in the software and then and only then might we implement it.