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Most references lost when saving
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Now this is something unexpected. I was writing an article on Konrad Zawadzki on pl.wikipedia. I wrote the content in VE, added ca. 20 refs to the short article, and all was fine. I switched to code editor to double-check everything and correct hyphenation, everything went smoothly. I then switched back to VE, added the list of references, saved the article and BAM, no references are there. All were removed. And disappeared. Any idea what went wrong and how could I avoid such errors the next time?

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I can't reproduce this problem right now, so we'll need additional information: browser, operating system, article you were editing, gadgets and beta features you have enabled, any errors you see in your console, and anything else you think is relevant.

@Deskana Browser is Firefox x64, latest version at the moment of writing (updated to 56.0.2 since then), Windows 10 x64.

Beta: Edit Review Improvements, Two column edit conflict, Content translation

  • Hide sidebar
  • OSM mini map
  • sister project links
  • header icons side by side ("ikony w nagłówku" in my preferences
  • Wikidata link shown on top of the article
  • HotCat
  • disFixer
  • Code cleanup
  • refTools
  • green redirect links
  • infobox map fixer (displays one or the other if there's two)
  • Reference Tooltips
  • My languages
  • "Zgłoś do usunięcia" - additional button sending nominating the article for deletion
  • Polish wiki's DYK script

All in all, most of those are enabled by default, the rest are enabled through Gadgets tab (meaning - they're tried and tested). Plus none of them should affect the Visual editor in any way as most of them are related to reading the article or code editing.

The article was Wojciech Zawadzki (was in the main space, [[ | I moved it to draft space ]]when I saw what happened. There were some 20 refs there, all using Polish Wikipedia's Cytuj template in standard ref tags, nothing fancy.

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