CategoryTreeItem: twice as many TABs for text browser users
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Gentlemen, on the above URL let's examine the links for e.g., "[+] Buses by continent (6 C)"

<div class="CategoryTreeItem">

<span class="CategoryTreeBullet"><a href=
"/wiki/Category:Buses_by_continent" class="CategoryTreeToggle"



title="expand">[<b>+</b>]</a></span> <a class="CategoryTreeLabel

 CategoryTreeLabelNs14 CategoryTreeLabelCategory" href=
"/wiki/Category:Buses_by_continent">Buses by continent</a>
<span title="contains 6 subcategories, 0 pages, and 0 files">(6


The problem is, if the user is using a text browser or any other
situation where he is not head over heels about turning on javascript,
he just ends up with pairs of the same hyperlink.

Therefore TABing through a page, he has to hit twice as many tabs to
get to where he wants, to step over what are now pairs of the same

Therefore please make your javascript bonuses only affect users who
are using javascript, and not have any negative side effects on those
who don't. (Accessibility impact.)

One approach would be to rewrite so the whole first link only appears
at all if the user has javascript turned on.

Or maybe a user preference: enable javascript extensions (on by

Anyway, all I know is please test these things in text browsers next
time first.

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Severity: trivial


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Jidanni created this task.Oct 13 2008, 9:02 PM

To be honest, I do not recall why I made the [+] a hyperlink at all. It could just be a span with an onclick handler, right? That would solve the problem.

Would that have some implication I'm not thinking of right now?

Fixed in r43492

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