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Create a tmp directory just for MediaWiki
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This originally came up as part of but after discussing it with Tim it can be implemented outside of firejail.

Currently MW has wfTempDir() that in a default configuration is most likely to return /tmp. Due to security problems ([1]) with a world-writable /tmp dir, Tim suggested that we should create a MW-specific dir, such as /tmp/mediawiki-{wikiid}-{randomstring}. And we can make sure the permissions on that directory are not set to be world-writable. wfTempDir() would create that directory on-demand for the request with the correct permissions when the function is first invoked.

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Perhaps the directory should include the wikiid to isolate it from other mw installs running on the same host.

What happens then if the attacker manages to create /tmp/mediawiki ahead of time?

I also note that on my local Debian systems, while wfTempDir() returns "/tmp" that actually corresponds to something like "/tmp/systemd-private-SOMEHASH-apache2.service-SOMEHASH/tmp/" thanks to Debian including "PrivateTmp=true" in the systemd service file.

I tweaked the proposal to include the wikiid and a random string in the directory name.

I would rather do what @Anomie suggested, that is using PrivateTmp=true for php-fpm. I'll look into it.

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Given we've in the meantime worked on moving to kubernetes, and of the work on shellbox, I don't think this task is valid any longer. Closing this as "declined".