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Change use of preconnect Link to header
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Following a chat between the Performance Team and Microsoft Edge developers, we should consider changing our use of Link preconnect to emit a header instead of the <link> element because Edge only supports the header variant, not the <link> element variant yet.

Other browsers supporting preconnect support both, so switching should be uncontroversial.

This task is for tracking any use of preconnect Link tags in MediaWiki-related code as deployed by Wikimedia.

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Krinkle triaged this task as Low priority.
  1. We don't use preconnect anywhere. We use preload (already as link header) and dns-prefetch (as link element).
  2. Support for dns-prefetch as a link element is not an issue, all major browsers (including IE and Edge) support dns-prefetch as link element. In fact, there's a chance that IE actually doesn't support this one as a header (based on msdn docs not mentioning it).

I thought we were using preconnect somewhere but can't find any usage.

I'll add a note to T123582: Use "preconnect" resource hint for thumbnail host to state that the header variant should be used if this gets implemented.