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I attempted to create a cron job that restarts a k8s pod (nevermind why!). I get the error kubectl: not found. It apparently doesn't know about kubernetes.

Cron is something like:
*/10 * * * * jlocal ~/


kubectl delete deployment <deployment-name>
kubectl create -f /data/project/<tool>/deployment.yaml

and is executable.

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I think we talked about this on irc at the time this bug was filed, but the toolforge cron server is not currently setup with the role::toollabs::k8s::bastion Puppet role that would make this possible.

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I'm not sure when this was fixed, but both and have webservice installed.

Is there a difference between 01 and 02 btw? (I always wondered)

Is there a difference between 01 and 02 btw? (I always wondered)

We try not to reuse hostnames so if we build a new instance to replace an old one we will generally increment the instance number at the end of the hostname. Usually something-01 and something-02 are interchangeable from the point of view of the end user. Sometimes the instances will be running as a hot-cold or hot-warm cluster where a key service is only active on one instance or the other at any given time.