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add am.wikimedia to wikistats (cloud VPS project)
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instance: wikistats-cowgirl

mysql -u root wikistats

MariaDB [wikistats]> insert into wmspecials (lang,prefix,url,description,statsurl,method) values ("Armenian","am.wikimedia","am.wikimedia","Wikimedia Armenia","",8);
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.01 sec)
dzahn@wikistats-cowgirl:~$ /usr/bin/php /usr/lib/wikistats/update.php wx prefix am.wikimedia
sent query: 'select * from wmspecials where prefix="am.wikimedia"'.
A(1/67) - wmspecials. - calling API:
-> http answer: 200 -> parsing answer: 0
---> OK - total: 7 good: 0 edits: 26 users: 5 active users: 2 admins: 3 images: 0
---> update wmspecials set total="7",good="0",edits="26",users="5",activeusers="2",admins="3",images="0",http="200",ts=NOW() where id="139"; 

1 wikis succesfully updated.

Added on

There are 67 wikis in table 'wmspecials'. 'am.wikimedia' is ranked 66th by good pages, 66th by total pages, 67th by edits and 66th by users.