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Chinese input method
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It would improve the user experience to make available a chinese input system similar to that of Microsoft Word, so that the possible characters/words themselves can be selected.

Furthermore, regarding pinyin itself, it should offer the option of using double pinyin

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provide a patch.

I do not know what a patch is, but I should be able to display thousands of characters, and hundreds of thousands of words.
I do not see any info. regarding Chinese script.

From what I've learned implementing T212637, this is not an easy task.

Correct me if I'm wrong, currently, the IME framework seems to have no way to display a dialog to select characters from, which is required if we are to support pinyin to Chinese characters mapping.
And it seems that there is no CJK input method implemented yet (which would be similar).

I believe the core development team of jquery.ime needs to be involved. Even if so, it could still be a huge undertaking to implement this unless third-party API is used.

Just my personal opinion. provides a web port of a popular Chinese input method framework, with WASM and AGPL3.

Embedding it is a feasible direction?