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Prettify "View newest changes" on beta watchlist
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This should really be a button, not a link, regardless of however T176395: Make the "View newest changes" link more prominent to encourage user not to refresh the whole page is resolved.

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@Pginer-WMF please give an answer to this point about the button. Meanwhile I'm duping this into T176395

@Pginer-WMF please give an answer to this point about the button.

From the comment it is not very clear which are the reasons for which the control is expected as a button. Conceptually, refreshing is a kind of action that can make sense as both a button and a link (it does not modify persistently information elements as a delete link would), so I don't think it is problematic from that perspective. From the consistency perspective, I think that given that this is an element which is not persistent (i.e., it appears and disappears from the UI), it makes sense to be less prominent than the other fixed controls that are presented as buttons next to it.

Based on our user research and the feedback we got it seems that users had no issues operating the control, and the issues are about identifying it as an alternative to their habit of refreshing the page, which I think the proposed adjustments on T178486 would help with.