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Thumbnails of SVG images show black boxes
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Many svg images are rendered incorrectly, so I need to simultaneously upload a raster image such as jpg to use in actual Wikipedia articles. The boxes seem to result from some (but not all) text entries in files created in Inkscape. Examples of such files:

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Aklapper renamed this task from Black boxes in svg images to Thumbnails of SVG images show black boxes.Nov 8 2017, 8:28 PM

Thanks. I would prefer if Mediawiki has support for flowed text, but these solutions work ok in the meantime.

To clarify, "support for flowed text in SVGs" has nothing to do with any MediaWiki code. A 3rd party external library is used to manage SVG files (librsvg).

Should this ticket be closed as a duplicate of T158496 ?

It does seem to be the same issue as in that mentioned ticket. Although it's not about MediaWiki code, the problem remains. To continue, should i post it somewhere else?

T158496 is closed as a dup of T43424, and T43424 links to which explains that the librsvg developers do not plan to support/fix this.

JoKalliauer changed the task status from Duplicate to Resolved.Apr 14 2019, 8:50 AM