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Please change Thai Wikipedia logo
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Author: manop


Following from [[:meta:Requests for logos]], the New Thai Wikipedia logo has been uploaded to [[:th:Image:Wiki.png]].

The image is transparent, but it does not show the checker-board pattern in Thai Wikipedia page.

Thank you.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 10:19 PM
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Logo looks fine and transparant on Only criticism I could have is that I see a slight white border around the globe which could do with some improvement. Closing as WORKSFORME.

manop wrote:

The white border around the current logo has been an issue. The old logo also has a copyrighted issue for the font-face as well.

The new logo ( [[:th:Image:Wiki.png]]) has fixed all of those problems.

manop wrote:

It seems that the bug was RESOLVED last month. But the logo still hasn't changed to the new one yet. It still uses the file from [[:commons:Image:Wikipedia-logo-th.png]] instead of [[:th:Image:Wiki.png]]. I was wondering if someone can tell me what's wrong with my process.

spacebirdy wrote:

Hello, the logo seems to rest at
not at commons (unfortunately because updating it there did not help)
Therefore please switch it to another location, the prefered one would be [[th:Image:Wiki.png]] I guess, so sysops can update it easily.

Many thanks for Your help

manop wrote:

The new logo has been uploaded to [[th:Image:Wiki.png]] since October 16, 2008, but the system still load the logo from

How do I fix this then?

Thank you in advance.

spacebirdy wrote:

(In reply to comment #5)

How do I fix this then?

Only a dev with shell access can.

I optimized the file for download size (30k -> 16k by switching to grayscale & running pngcrush) and put it into service. Enjoy!