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PAWS cannot save any pages
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On PAWS, whenever I am trying to save a page, I just get the error

Logged in on wikibooks:en via OAuth as PokestarFan, but expect as None

I cannot do anything, which makes PAWS pointless. Could this be fixed?

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Chicocvenancio added a subscriber: Chicocvenancio.

It seems you're setting an user inside your config file in PAWS. This is not needed as PAWS will have your Oauth credentials. Pywikibot will not allow you to set usernames once oauth credentials are given.

To solve this, remove all usernamesentries from your

Please note wikis may have bot policies that require automated edits be made by dedicated "bot accounts". To use your bot account in PAWS simply log in any wiki with your bot account and then go to .