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Allow searching for 'state:active', 'state:read_only', 'state:hidden' via web interface
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It'll help me for my Projects-Cleanup activities to fetch and retrieve via the gerrit web interface the repositories by their state (active, read only and hidden). However I see there's no way to do that via the web interface. It'd be nice to be able to search for repository status via web interface. Thanks.

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Thank you @Paladox
It might make sense to allow for state:hidden as well but for those with the relevant permissions :)

Upstream added support for this today, see .

Though it dosen't add it to the ui yet.

Meanwhile you can ask the REST API to give you all the projects with description and state with:

curl ''

pp=0 disables pretty printing.

Note that you have to strip the first line:


I don't think you would be able to access the HIDDEN repositories though, that might require a specific user right.

Would it be possible to fetch the data via an SQL query?

Nope, once we upgrade to 2.15 data is being migrated to notedb as upstream are discontinuing the use of a db.

PolyGerrit in 2.16 by default does 'state:active' and 'state:read_only'. But you can use the rest api to properly do this. (if you want to check and see which projects are hidden.