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Usability Improvements for Language Box (aka Term Box)
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User Story:: As a user, I want to select specific languages so I can see and/or edit items in the different languages I selected

Context of use: I assume the user would like to make a selection different than from his/her babel box. She/he might just be interested in a language or just knows particular translations without actual language skills.

Current Problems: Currently, the language selection is not satisfactory, because it just works through the babel box (for logged in users) or the regional suggestions. A user also cannot select only one other language to show but just the ones from the babel box or all entered languages.

Possible Solution: One way to improve the situation for the user is to give the opportunity to select languages and show them for future language boxes as well.

Side Note: I would try to step back from the word "Term Box" as there is no reference on help pages or anywhere to the box we are talking about. As the wording is also not quite the right fit, I would suggest to talk of "language box" for now. Other suggestions a re welcome!

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"Term box" is a technical term we always use in absence of a better term. I also wish we would have something better, but I was never able to find something that convinced me.

What's relevant is that we have "labels", "descriptions", and "aliases". We call all three "terms". A "term" is a string in a specific language.

We could just call the section of the page "Descriptions", or "Labels and descriptions". This also includes aliases in the sense that aliases are "secondary labels", which they really are.

Thanks for the further insights. From a non-coder perspective I interpreted the word "term" differently. But as a string it makes sense.

I like the "Labels and Descriptions" as it says, what the box actually has to offer and also picks up on words already been shown. I know this is not a super important issue rn but in terms of transparency (which includes understandibility in my opinion), I would like to use wording which is clear to a lot of/most people. We are going to reach out to users in the next days to get their opinion on the current state of the "Labels and Descriptions". Let's see if we can gather insights on the naming topic as well.

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