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Enable sharing of ‘On this day’ event content
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This is a proposed enhancement to the original task of adding 'On this day' to the feed (see T175995).

User story

As a fan of reading 'On this day' content, I want to share interesting events seen in 'On this day' with others.

Proposed solution

Share via share-a-fact card

We may re-use the existing share-a-fact card with individual On this day events:

On this day - share a fact.png (1×720 px, 356 KB)

Design details

  • The trigger for share-a-fact may either be by long-pressing directly on the event text, or alternatively by adding a 'share' icon on each event on the year title
  • Instead of the article title, the date and year of the event is shown

Update to the existing share-a-fact design on T164772

Event Timeline

Hi @RHo I've been reading this task and I find it very similar to T180391

What is the difference in this task?

Hi @Jcasariego - this task is about extending the "share-a-fact" card to share an event description when the user is on the full screen "On this day" screen. So the example in the task description, tapping on the share icon in the event description from 1973 about the Watergate scandal generates a share-a-fact card with that even text.
The other task T180391 is just about enabling secondary actions on an article (sharing article link or adding an article to a reading list).
Hope that clarifies!

Yes... now I understand the difference between one task and the other. Thanks for clarifying!

attila-blenesi subscribed.

Hello, I would love to work on this. But first I would like to clarify which proposal should be implemented. I would recommend the first proposal since it is more visible to users easyer to discover.

Hi @attila-blenesi – apologies this ticket hasn't been updated with the latest status. Proposal 1 was the preferred option but as it is tied to updating the Share-a-fact card (T164772), the tag "goodfirstbug" should have been removed (that would only have been in the case of proposal 2). Please feel free to consider another task in either the goodfirstbug or need-volunteer boards.

Removing task assignee due to inactivity, as this open task has been assigned to the same person for more than two years (see the emails sent to the task assignee on Oct27 and Nov23). Please assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically [plan to] work on this task - it would be welcome.
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