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[BUG] Smart invert not working for nearby compass cell images
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How many times were you able to reproduce it?

Every time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure light theme is selected
  2. Enable smart invert
  3. Look at nearby compass view items in feed

Expected results

Compass view image should not be inverted

Actual results

They are inverted

Environments observed

App version:

OS versions:
iOS 11

Device model:
6s Plus

Device language:

Event Timeline

Testing on iPhone 6s (iOS 10.3.3) - Wikipedia app 5.8.0 (1264) on Default (Light) Reading Theme. There apparently isn't a "Smart Invert" option in my Settings

, this is how it would look if there was one
and Reading Themes has nothing either
so I can't verify this but @NHarateh_WMF let me know if I've missed something.


Enable Smart Invert:

  1. Go to Settings (on your device, not in the app)
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Display Accommodations
  5. Smart Invert
  6. switch on for Smart Invert

Then open the app and verify that the compass cell image is not inverted.

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 11.1.2) - Wikipedia app 5.8.0 (1265). (Since this was upgraded to iOS 11 Smart invert is now present.) Andy recommended me to use iPhone 6 Plus as that's what TSG has. There are still defects, if this is what was meant by "compass view"/"compass cell image" with how the compass in Places is displayed. Regardless of Smart Invert turned off or on they are not displaying as expected. See screencaps below.

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 11.1.2) - Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1275) [the latest TestFlight build]. As seen in the photos below, Smart Invert displays as expected when Location is disabled for Places Near. (This is when first installing the app.) Once I tap Enable Location however, the compass images go back to the image display defects they exhibited earlier.

Fixed on Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1281). @Nicholas.tsg, can you retest with 1281 please?

I'm moving this one on. It appears to be working for me.

JMinor added a subscriber: JMinor.

Working for me on 5.7.4