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Move git repository of data-values/data-types PHP library out of mediawiki/extensions
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The MW-specific part is moved to Wikibase in

Contents of this repository are no longer an extension.

Possible new location: data-values/data-types.

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How about wikibase/data-types instead? Same for the package name.

Reasoning: this package is not part of data-values, which is why it is not at

If I'm not mistaken we talked about moving the PHP code of that package directly into Wikibase.git two years ago or so. I can't remember if there was a reason to not do that, or if simply no one got to it.

Having looked at the thing again now, I think it's a good idea to just move these two classes into Wikibase.git, assuming only Wikibase.git and dependents are using it. Then you can kill the package :)

I was also considering just moving it into Wikibase.git. Packagist shows a handful of uses outside of Wikibase. Those seem no longer maintained etc though. Basically, with situation when something had too be done fast with this package, I went for something which unblocked the deployment of Wikibase, and left the decision on whether to merge it into Wikibase or not for later. I guess now this decision has been made :)

Will merge and kill the package on Monday then!

Packagist shows a handful of uses outside of Wikibase.

I think they actually just incorrectly list the package as a requirement.