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Update the location of DataTypes i18n on
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The part of data types library that contains i18n files has been moved to:

@Nikerabbit: how do we get the configuration update so that the bot knows where to put new translations? Is creating a ticket a right way to request such a change?


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translatewiki : masterDisable DataTypes

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Make sure that @translatewiki GitHub user has push rights to the master? branch of that repository.

Then someone (can be me) needs to update and repoconfig.json to move it to the correct section using the new paths as well as updating (all links are to read-only mirror).

Thanks @Nikerabbit! Added @translatewiki user as a collaborator to the new repo. Github says awaiting confirm the email.

Are you going to update configs you've mentioned or should I prepare patches?

I have accepted the invite. If you are willing, do feel free to give a shot on making the patch, but I just noticed I linked the config for datavalues even though you were speaking of datatypes, which means it needs to be moved from regular mediawiki extensions, which is a bit more complicated than what I said above.

It can take me a couple of days to process this change.

Change 391761 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit; owner: Nikerabbit):
[translatewiki@master] Disable DataTypes

Change 391761 merged by jenkins-bot:
[translatewiki@master] Disable DataTypes

Thanks @Nikerabbit for disabling updates! I have get to submitting patches myself yet.
But we've changed the plans towards this library, so please hold on with any possible further changes to the config of translatewiki. I will execute our decision regarding the library on Monday, and then get back and write what's the status here. Then we can see what needs to be done to translatewiki config, if anything. Sorry for confusion.

Ping @WMDE-leszek any updates? :)

WMDE-leszek closed this task as Invalid.Dec 5 2017, 4:56 PM

Sorry @Nikerabbit, I am really late on this one.
So we've decided to actually merge the library in question into main Wikibase git repo. Once is merged this will happen.
And then no action from translatewiki side would be needed, as Wikibase is already configured. That basically means this task is no longer needed, right?

I wonder though, what would be the best way to move all translations from the library into Wikibase. AFAIK it does not help that I simply move over all translations, and not just en.json and qqq.json, as the other language entries would be overwritten by localisation bot any way (i.e. removed bot). Any suggestions here @Nikerabbit? I am not how clear description of the problem I just provided. But maybe you get the point.

If you move the messages in en.json (do not rename!) it should be fine. L10n-bot will do the rest.

Thanks @Nikerabbit! We didn't change the messages, so we should be fine.