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Select XTools Tasks for GCI 2017
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I'd be interested in helping mentor, but I've never done anything with XTools before. Definitely interested in contributing though. I love statistics and this seems like a cool extension.

@Matthewrbowker Which IRC channels do you usually hang out on?

Hello, @MtDu. Thank you for your interest!

We normally hang out in #wikimedia-xtools on Freenode. You're welcome to come join us.

  • T171378 as a whole is too much, but we could create a separate ticket for T171378#3764065 (Edit Counter, wikitext export only), which might be OK for GCI, since I've provided an example, but probably not...
  • T175661 is not super straightforward. You'll need to find a way to structure the data in the <noscript>, which is different than how we do it when building the chart.
  • T177901 is probably OK, but will require good PHP skills so you can navigate the code. I would vote against this because we should refactor this logic, not patch up each tool one by one.
  • T178055 is not simple, and I'm not sure the proposed solution is the best way to do it. Ideally we could get the Chart.js library to do the work, see Issue 1976.

Here are some other ideas:

  • T180629 which I just created. This should be good first task for someone good with CSS, in particular flexbox.
  • T177902 This should only involve some simple jQuery. Add a CSS class to internal links to other tools, and add a click listener to replace it with "Loading...".
  • T177903 I think this is fairly easy, provided you are able to come up the SQL. It's a mere count that could be bundled in with the pairData, then we just need to render it in the view. I'd like to test how slow this is first, because most users can't move files so we don't want to unnecessarily slow it down.
  • T172003 is probably OK, but will require good PHP skills so you can navigate the code. In the code review we can help with XTools-specific conventions.

I'm available to mentor for any of the above.

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We've submitted two GCI tasks, both of which have been completed.