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Purchase domains and to use as a url shortener
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I noticed that there are some domain hacks that are available (particularly, and Can you purchase the domain name so that there is a 301 response code and to allow URL shortening for articles on Wikimedia? I checked and that domain is not registered.

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Bawolff renamed this task from Domain Hacks to Purchase domains and to use as a url shortener.Nov 16 2017, 5:25 AM is the current domain that we'll use for short links, per T108649 (and T108557). Do we need more?

I like domain hacks, and they make lives a lot easier. ( or ( ( or (

And url shortening is disabled. Bummer.

And the idea with url shortening is that the article name will be the thing after the url so that it is easy to enter in.

Please see T88873, T88873#1691739 (and T105829) for a long history of buying .wiki domains (that never ended up being used).

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This is blocked technically by T133548 (and partially by the other ones linked in my last comment).

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I don't think there's anything to do here. We have a shortener domain that's operational at the Traffic level in A proliferation of additional shortener domains is undesirable at this time from our end of things, and the current one is apparently still not yet in service anyways.