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Terminate Thumbor with SSL
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In order to allow having Mediawiki talk directly to Thumbor for thumb.php, Thumbor needs to be available behind a secure connection. In the public thumbnail scenario that SSL termination is done at the Swift level, which is bypassed by thumb.php.

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Gilles created this task.Nov 16 2017, 3:15 PM
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@fgiunchedi I'd like to add private wiki support for Thumbor as a Q3 goal. Will you have the bandwidth to handle this task next quarter?

@Gilles if the scope is just securing thumbor with https then certainly. Do you envision any other help from ops besides e.g. build/deploy ?

I don't expect any other work, no. This task really is only about adding SSL termination to Thumbor, so that Mediawiki can talk to it directly securely, since in the private wiki/thumb.php scenario we're not going through the Swift proxy.

Yup seems simple enough!

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Thumbor ownership has moved to service operations, unassigning

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TLS on haproxy it is then:)

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TLS on haproxy it is then:)

We're trying to standardize TLS termination on envoy, and I think we should concentrate on moving thumbor to kubernetes next.

@Joe we will be moving towards this direction

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